Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Bath and Body

Ever notice how cool names and hip products always go together? Barefoot Venus products fall into that category together with some great graphics and label design as well as quality. Giving a gift of some of their products this holiday season we are sure will be a hit. You can choose from our pre-packaged gift sets or choose your own items and we will gladly make a gift bag for you.

This is one of our favoured suppliers that we’ve had an outstanding business relationship with for several years now with good reason. Given the hectic pace of today’s modern world and work life, we wanted to be sure to supply something to our valued clients that would help them relax at the end of a busy day and pamper themselves. We got that and so much more from this excellent Canadian supplier that specializes in luxurious bath and body products.

Wonderful inventory of excellent choices.

You won’t need to look at the wonderful inventory of excellent choices for long to see what we mean. With names like Coconut Kiss Body Cream and a special Hunny Mango, you’re sure to pick up on the fact this is the very gift that can treat and pamper you the way you deserve.  When you buy something from this great collection, you’ll be doing your part to help our Canadian family since Barefoot Venus is a homegrown supplier.

Why not take the time to look over all the soothing products we have in our inventory from this supplier that understands what you need to feel good at the end of another long day?


Looking for gifts for her? How about gifts for men or even baby shower gifts?

Looking for gifts for her? How about gifts for men or even baby shower gifts?

Everyone that lives in North America is aware their computer is about so much more than playing games and they can do a myriad of things through their personal black box including shopping for everything from birthday gifts to something for Mother’s Day.

That’s fair enough you might say, but I’m set in my ways and don’t shop online. You might not be completely comfortable with the experience and, while that’s reasonable, there are some excellent arguments why you need to give Internet based shopping a fair chance. Here’s a few that should sway you over.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Buying gifts for her can take up a lot of time when you need to run from store to store to shop, and that’s not to mention the cost of gas as prices start to creep back up again. Looking for and finding exactly the right thing for Mother’s Day or is made much easier when you can shop from the comfort of your own home at stores that are open 24 hours a day, usually seven days a week. Remember that only some online gift retailers offer FREE gift wrapping and a personalized card, with shipping right to your door.

Gift Bundles

One of the other big advantages is the fact you can get products that aren’t available in your local ‘brick and mortar’ stores. It was only a decade ago that you needed to be happy with whatever was stocked locally but now online shopping has changed all that. Gift bundles, pre-packaged gifts and specialty orders on gifts from around the world are only a click away online.

Finally, it’s much easier to compare offers when you’re shopping on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for her or for him, or something in between, you’ll find everything that you need from great online gift retailers.

Bags and Purses She’ll Love Well After Christmas Is Over

Bags and Purses She’ll Love Well After Christmas Is Over

We always keep an interesting assortment of bags and purses on hand for her during the festive season, and it’s always important for us to show off the great and stylish products that make wonderful gifts she’ll love even after the Holidays are over.

Bamboo Coin Purse

If you’re looking at presenting that special lady with something like the exquisite Bamboo Coin Purse we offer that’s stylish and made form nothing less than woven bamboo strips, you’ve got history on your side. As far back as the 15th century, a purse was an appropriate gift from a groom to his new bride, even if they didn’t get married on a high holiday.

Diagonal Coin Purse

Looking for something that speaks to a more unique nature? The Diagonal Coin Purse in our inventory is made from durable soft leather. This truly unique Canadian made item is large enough to hold more than just coins.

Disorganized? We have you covered, with a range of handbag, jewellery, cosmetic and toiletry organizers by RubysCloset

Choosing our gift shop is the right way to go regardless of who you’re shopping for. We offer everything from baby gifts and birthday gifts to a wide range of made in Canada items that are well made and durable.

Canadian Made Jewellery

Canadian Made Jewellery

Timeless, Graceful and Unique: Don’t Bypass Howling Dog Art’s Canadian Made Jewellery This Holiday Season

Big box stores sell big box items that are okay for some holiday shoppers. There’s nothing wrong with checking off the names on your Christmas Gifts lists as you wheel a shopping cart up and down their aisles, but here at What A Jewel, we strive to look after those tastes that are a little different and a lot more discerning.

To that end, we’re especially proud to showcase the Made in Canada items like the elegant offerings from Christine Ng-Nickerson and her brand, Howling Dog Art Jewellery.

This self-taught designer has enjoyed a career spanning 13 years and has had her work showcased in fine boutiques nationally. Here you find an exceptional inventory of the finest pendants, earrings and even a Seaglass Silver Bracelet that will quickly enter the category of unique gifts always cherished and never forgotten.

Simple classic design that works for everyday or special occasions is the benchmark and one look at the Blue Starfish Pendant and you’ll understand how irreplaceable this piece made in British Columbia can be.

Remember you’ll find nothing from Howling Dog Art Jewellery on any department store shelves. You can purchase the jewellery from our online gift shop, we will gift wrap it and deliver it.

Barefoot Venus Bath and Body Products

Barefoot Venus Bath and Body Products

Made in Canada – Perfect Gifts for Her

Pampered. That’s just the way she wants to rejuvenate from a long day whether it’s with the children, making decisions in the boardroom or both. With a brand name like Barefoot Venus, you can be sure you’ll be buying or receiving unique gifts that will leave you feeling relaxed, focused and utterly pampered from head to toe.

Aloe Vera and mega-moisturizing jojoba seed oil are just two of the ingredients you’ll find in the aptly named Barefoot Venus Creamy Cleansing Wash. When washing the day’s worries and cares away to leave your skin soft, smooth and wonderfully clean sounds like a perfect plan, this Ruby Red Creamy Cleansing Wash adds the delight of a delicate scent to transform that working girl back to the Venus she’s meant to be.

Don’t forget to take the time to look over the other seductive gift ideas we offer from Barefoot Venus. Bath soaks fragranced with cocoa seed butter, bubble baths redolent with white tea extract and Barefoot Venus Macadamia Oil Body Cream that’s actually made with the namesake macadamia nut oil are just a few of the special unique gifts available at our online gift shop. Don’t forget to look into our gift certificate and shipping options too.

Heat Guard Cooling Ties

Heat Guard Cooling Ties

It’s so hot out there but I’m keeping cool with one of our Colourful, Fashionable, Heat Guard Cooling Ties. No-one even knows it’s a cooling tie. They look so good; they brighten up your outfit while keeping you cool. I wear a different design every day. I have had several people stop me in the mall and remark on what a beautiful necktie I have and when I tell them it doubles as a cooling tie, it really peaks their interest and they want one too.

If you have no A/C at home, this is a must for you. Gardening, going for a walk, golfing or sitting on a bench in the park or on the balcony, the cooling ties will make it a much more pleasant experience.

The cooling ties have been selling like hotcakes. Don’t wait, buy your fashionable cooling tie and one for your pet as well. They are also very reasonably priced.