It’s Basic Spirit for the Free Spirit in You

It’s Basic Spirit for the Free Spirit in You

Basic Spirit – The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

If you’ve been to the east coast of Canada, you’ll understand why so many beautiful things come from there. Some people say everything that you need to know about a place is in the name and that’s why we’re proud to say that the fine line of handcrafted pewter gifts that we sell from Nova Scotia come from the town called Pugwash.

Where else would you expect to find a charming Seaglass Turtle Charm Bracelet and a series of other magnificent gifts, all from a cozy corner of our country and all crafted from lead free pewter? These are the folks that pride themselves on the kind of customer designs that are each and every one a unique expression that will last a lifetime. How much more can you tell a loved one what they meant to you than by selecting something from this inventory of gifts that will never be replicated again?  If you’re still a Free Spirit at heart, you’ll want to give Basic Spirit a chance.  Along with an excellent inventory of handmade items that are sure to dazzle and become keepsakes and family heirlooms, Basic Spirit has a great social conscience that makes us proud to do business with them. They have a long list of community-oriented organizations they help to support because these are the people that understand everyone is interconnected.

Why not browse through the inventory of interesting gift ideas we carry right here from our friends at Basic Spirit? With Christmas fast approaching, you might want to consider something stylish and elegant  that friends and loved ones will cherish and get a lot of use from.

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Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Bath and Body

Ever notice how cool names and hip products always go together? Barefoot Venus products fall into that category together with some great graphics and label design as well as quality. Giving a gift of some of their products this holiday season we are sure will be a hit. You can choose from our pre-packaged gift sets or choose your own items and we will gladly make a gift bag for you.

This is one of our favoured suppliers that we’ve had an outstanding business relationship with for several years now with good reason. Given the hectic pace of today’s modern world and work life, we wanted to be sure to supply something to our valued clients that would help them relax at the end of a busy day and pamper themselves. We got that and so much more from this excellent Canadian supplier that specializes in luxurious bath and body products.

Wonderful inventory of excellent choices.

You won’t need to look at the wonderful inventory of excellent choices for long to see what we mean. With names like Coconut Kiss Body Cream and a special Hunny Mango, you’re sure to pick up on the fact this is the very gift that can treat and pamper you the way you deserve.  When you buy something from this great collection, you’ll be doing your part to help our Canadian family since Barefoot Venus is a homegrown supplier.

Why not take the time to look over all the soothing products we have in our inventory from this supplier that understands what you need to feel good at the end of another long day?


A History of Tea You Can Contemplate Over a Cup

A History of Tea You Can Contemplate Over a Cup

We all know there’s really nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea and when you take the time to enjoy your favourite blend like Canadian Icewine Tea from our inventory that’s made with real icewine, we thought you might be interested in reading a little something about the history of everyone’s favorite drink.

All the tea in China as the saying goes and with good reason since that’s where historians have the drink originating as far back as 2737 BC with the Chinese emperor Shen Nung who accidentally discovered what the British would later lay claim to after a leaf blew into some drinking water that was being boiled.

Of course we’re not implying there’s a straight historical line to Chinese royalty. Still, whose to say that Shen Nung might not have enjoyed our floating Rubber Duck Tea Infuser to keep those stray leaves out of his “cuppa”.

It’s always interesting to muse on the fact that tea took several routes to get to Great Britain and historical records mention it making the first inroads into Europe in the latter half of the sixteenth century.

Canada’s Wanda Shum Offers Unique Works Of Art

Canada’s Wanda Shum Offers Unique Works Of Art

British Columbia’s Wanda Shum works with polymer clays to craft unique, unforgettable visions. One of a kind Canadian works of art make the perfect gifts for men and women that shape the course of your life.

Gifts for her include exquisite Butterfly Earrings that are handcrafted and therefore speak to her special place in your heart. Wanda works with the Millefiori technique where strips and shapes of polymer are shaped into canes that are then subsequently cut to reveal wonderful colours and patterns. Her delightful earrings come in bright beautiful colours and and are truly one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

The flexibility of the Millefiori technique and polymer material is also apparent in the Perfume Applicator that Wanda has created. Making a personal statement is easy with this colourful item that is perfect for a number of occasions. The streamline design slips effortlessly into a purse replacing those cumbersome bottles. Each and every one of these is crafted by hand so no two are the same.

This talented Canadian artist hasn’t forgotten the other half of the population either and has some gifts for men that are certain to make lasting impressions. The Polymer Clay Euro-style Pen is an excellent addition to his home office or inside pocket of his business jacket. Making any working environment more relaxed and cheerful, this pen showcases Wanda Shum’s excellent command of the beautiful and stunning Millefiori technique that uses modeling clay similar to PVC.

Looking for gifts for her? How about gifts for men or even baby shower gifts?

Looking for gifts for her? How about gifts for men or even baby shower gifts?

Everyone that lives in North America is aware their computer is about so much more than playing games and they can do a myriad of things through their personal black box including shopping for everything from birthday gifts to something for Mother’s Day.

That’s fair enough you might say, but I’m set in my ways and don’t shop online. You might not be completely comfortable with the experience and, while that’s reasonable, there are some excellent arguments why you need to give Internet based shopping a fair chance. Here’s a few that should sway you over.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Buying gifts for her can take up a lot of time when you need to run from store to store to shop, and that’s not to mention the cost of gas as prices start to creep back up again. Looking for and finding exactly the right thing for Mother’s Day or is made much easier when you can shop from the comfort of your own home at stores that are open 24 hours a day, usually seven days a week. Remember that only some online gift retailers offer FREE gift wrapping and a personalized card, with shipping right to your door.

Gift Bundles

One of the other big advantages is the fact you can get products that aren’t available in your local ‘brick and mortar’ stores. It was only a decade ago that you needed to be happy with whatever was stocked locally but now online shopping has changed all that. Gift bundles, pre-packaged gifts and specialty orders on gifts from around the world are only a click away online.

Finally, it’s much easier to compare offers when you’re shopping on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for her or for him, or something in between, you’ll find everything that you need from great online gift retailers.

American Shoppers Get Huge Discount

American Shoppers Get Huge Discount

It’s a great time to be a shopper for our friends south of the border. American shoppers are now getting a huge discount just for shopping in Canada due to the slumping Canadian dollar. For a long while it was the other way around, so why not take advantage and buy some incredible Canadian products at bargain prices.

The unique and popular Canadian made Warm Buddy animals, spa heat wraps and therapy products are just one example.

Basic Spirit lead free pewter gift items from Pugwash Nova Scotia.

Many baby gifts from Toronto and other gifts from around the world can be ordered online and shipped to your door.

Take advantage of this opportunity now, who knows how long it will last.