Knitca One. What A Jewel Too!

Knitca One. What A Jewel Too!

Knitca Knitting Kits, Made for Beginners but Fun for Experts Too.

Have you ever wanted to create at least some of your own clothing? Can you imagine the personal satisfaction of people asking you about an attractive Beanie you’re wearing, and being able to say that you made it with your own two hands even though you have no knitting experience? .

These Knitca knitting kits are created for toddlers, teenagers and even adults and they even include video demonstrations for absolute beginners that will have you making attractive pieces of clothing in no time and showing them off to your friends and family.

Everything that you need comes in an attractive carrying case with handles and we also stock a variety of different projects that you can work on including headbands, scarves and a hip Sock Monkey Hat to show off your playful side.

Our alliance with Knitca is all about making sure we offer a wide selection of arts and crafts to our valued clients. We also want to be sure that you get the kinds of products and opportunities to help foster the creative side of the younger generation. Like many of the other products we offer, our dedication to a fulfilling and enriching experience is highlighted with these complete DIY knitting kits.

Candles for the Holiday Season

Candles for the Holiday Season

Giving Candles for the Holiday Season is always a sure bet. Who doesn’t like the flicker and warmth of a candle, especially one with the fragrance of the holidays like maple syrup, hot apple pie, cinnamon, pine and more. Here are a few examples of candles made right here in Canada.

Whitewater Premium Candle Co. – Everything is Eco-friendly

It’s always a special moment as an online gift shop when you find a supplier that has gone into business because they had a vision for a product and felt they were the only ones that could really make it happen. That’s just how the Whitewater Premium Candle Co. was founded back in 2007. The founders were looking for an all-natural candle for their retail boutique. It needed to be made in Canada and elegant as well as fragrant and after searching unsuccessfully for a company that could bring all these attributes together, they decided to go it on their own.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Signature fragrances are the calling card you get with each and every one of the items we carry. They come complete with replica enamelware containers so the product is both functional and beautiful at the same time, to say nothing of the creativity of items like the Hot Apple Pie Scented Candle that’s reminiscent of ground cinnamon and clove as well as baked apple and a touch of nutmeg.

It doesn’t matter which one you fancy; every fragrant product created by this Canadian success story is long-lasting fragrant and clean burning. Each has all the natural ingredients you’d expect from the pure soybean wax to the all-natural fibre wick that make each candle an experience onto itself.

Remember these are the eco-friendly option because each and every one of the candles we offer here at What A Jewel is made with nothing but biodegradable renewable resources so they represent a viable alternative to their petroleum-based counterparts.

We strive to bring our valued customers the most innovative and creative gifts. These Whitewater Candles are a perfect addition to the lineup.

Country Home Candles

High end candles with luxurious fragrances that remind you of their namesake. That’s just what you get when sorting through what we offer by way of crafts online from this Canadian supplier with an interesting backstory.

There are those of us who love to travel out to the country from time to time to let those city cobwebs clear out. Then there are people like Karen Northgraves who knew from the time spent on her Grandmother’s farm that nothing short of a life with wide open fields under a broad expanse of stars would do. Fast forward to several years later and the birth of Country Home Candle, a brand we are proud to carry since they all reflect Karen’s dedication to simple homespun values and the things that really matter in life. The Cottage Kitchen Candle comes with a single-wicked 8oz glass container with a Muskoka chair Rustico wood lid—all of which are a testament to the product’s hand poured soy wax blend inside.

Learning a little bit more about where these wonderful handmade gifts come from will only increase your enjoyment of them. Country Home Candle has a factory and distribution centre that’s located on five rustic acres in the heart of Norfolk County where the family has strong roots. We’ll bet that each and every one of the candles that still comes from there is redolent with Karen’s childhood memories of crickets chirping, fragrant flowers and the rich smells from her Grandmother’s country kitchen.


It’s Basic Spirit for the Free Spirit in You

It’s Basic Spirit for the Free Spirit in You

Basic Spirit – The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

If you’ve been to the east coast of Canada, you’ll understand why so many beautiful things come from there. Some people say everything that you need to know about a place is in the name and that’s why we’re proud to say that the fine line of handcrafted pewter gifts that we sell from Nova Scotia come from the town called Pugwash.

Where else would you expect to find a charming Seaglass Turtle Charm Bracelet and a series of other magnificent gifts, all from a cozy corner of our country and all crafted from lead free pewter? These are the folks that pride themselves on the kind of customer designs that are each and every one a unique expression that will last a lifetime. How much more can you tell a loved one what they meant to you than by selecting something from this inventory of gifts that will never be replicated again?  If you’re still a Free Spirit at heart, you’ll want to give Basic Spirit a chance.  Along with an excellent inventory of handmade items that are sure to dazzle and become keepsakes and family heirlooms, Basic Spirit has a great social conscience that makes us proud to do business with them. They have a long list of community-oriented organizations they help to support because these are the people that understand everyone is interconnected.

Why not browse through the inventory of interesting gift ideas we carry right here from our friends at Basic Spirit? With Christmas fast approaching, you might want to consider something stylish and elegant  that friends and loved ones will cherish and get a lot of use from.

Remember, you can follow us on our facebook and twitter channels to stay abreast of all the latest products we offer from excellent suppliers like Basic Spirit.

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Products Pamper and Soothe

Barefoot Venus Bath and Body

Ever notice how cool names and hip products always go together? Barefoot Venus products fall into that category together with some great graphics and label design as well as quality. Giving a gift of some of their products this holiday season we are sure will be a hit. You can choose from our pre-packaged gift sets or choose your own items and we will gladly make a gift bag for you.

This is one of our favoured suppliers that we’ve had an outstanding business relationship with for several years now with good reason. Given the hectic pace of today’s modern world and work life, we wanted to be sure to supply something to our valued clients that would help them relax at the end of a busy day and pamper themselves. We got that and so much more from this excellent Canadian supplier that specializes in luxurious bath and body products.

Wonderful inventory of excellent choices.

You won’t need to look at the wonderful inventory of excellent choices for long to see what we mean. With names like Coconut Kiss Body Cream and a special Hunny Mango, you’re sure to pick up on the fact this is the very gift that can treat and pamper you the way you deserve.  When you buy something from this great collection, you’ll be doing your part to help our Canadian family since Barefoot Venus is a homegrown supplier.

Why not take the time to look over all the soothing products we have in our inventory from this supplier that understands what you need to feel good at the end of another long day?


Warm Buddy Sleepytime Pets Giveaway

Warm Buddy Sleepytime Pets Giveaway

As always Warm Buddies make the best gifts for Christmas. Nothing compares to the comforting and healing warmth of a Warm Buddy over a long cold Canadian winter.

The Warm Buddy Company has some brand new products this season. They are all in stock and available for purchase at along with our famous healing, relaxing and de-stressing wraps and spa items.

New products include the Polar Bear, one of the wildlife symbols of Canada. Polar Bear measures 18″ long.

There is a Baby Buddy Bee and Large Bee, created to be very soft, cheerful and cozy. The bees have baby safe embroidered features and stand 7″ and 10″ tall respectively.

The Large Kitten is back by popular demand, created with soft black fur and measuring 18″ in length.

New Polar Bear Mittens for adults and kids as well as Lavender Sachets created with pure French lavender flowers.

There is also a brand new line of Sleepytime Comfort Pets that include a Duck, Sheep and Bear. All the Sleepytime Pets are made from a super soft bubble fabric, have embroidered features making them perfect for small children and can be used as hand puppets. They measure 13″ tall and come with a removable heat pack.

The Sleepytime Pet Collection has been tested extensively and is sold as a class 1 Medical Device.

Would you like to win a Sleepytime Pet? We are giving away one Sleepytime Pet to three(3) lucky entrants.

Please enter our Giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below.

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Look to buy Canadian when you shop online this Holiday Season

Look to buy Canadian when you shop online this Holiday Season

Making the decision to shop online is the right choice for a variety of different reasons. Beyond the increased convenience and outstanding selections you get when shopping for gifts, you will be able to easily compare prices and free shipping is also available at some online stores.

Still, you should take a step back and, even in the face of the global choices you have, think about why shopping for Canadian goods and services makes the most sense. There are a variety of good reasons. Read on to find out what they are.

Say you’re looking for baby shower gifts. Now, there’s obviously a good feeling behind making a purchase like that and you’ll want to keep that ball rolling as you decide what the best, most appropriate and endearing choices you have are. And that’s one of the best reasons why you want to shop Canadian. Remember that when you buy Canadian, you make a positive impact on the economy right here at home and you’ll be spreading the good tidings of those baby gifts around to your neighbours, friends and even fellow countrymen by giving them your business.

Let’s try another scenario. What happens when you’re asked to buy a birthday gift for someone special and you want to shop online? Here again it makes sense to shop for the gifts that are made right here since we have some of the finest health and safety standards in the world. From the factory’s emission standards to our top notch quality assurance practices, to the careful selection process in the materials used, Canada has one of the highest standards for manufacturing in the world.

All good reasons to look through our Made in Canada section for something suitable for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or anything in between. We are in the process of putting together gift bundles and pre-packaged gifts that will be just the thing for everyone on your list this Holiday Season.